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Self-Help Solutions for Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor disputes are often highly contentious and can end up in civil court; if you have an ongoing dispute with a neighbor there is reason to worry. Whether someone’s bitten by a dog, unable to sleep because of parties, or dealing with a property line dispute there are ways residents can help themselves during these […]

Confused About the Biden Plan on Estate Taxes? Get Help

While President Biden’s latest tax plan noted at the end of April 2021 dropped the estate tax expansion, which is a good thing for property owners, it did not alleviate overall tax exposures for upper brackets as well as capital gains tax levels. Both of these come into play for anyone incurring a sizable income  […]

Do I Need to Name an Executor in my Will?

A will executor, also known as a personal representative in Washington, is the individual you appoint to fulfill your expectations after you die. When you die with a clear legal will, the court will authorize the executor to carry out your wishes.  It is essential to choose an executor who is dependable and well-organized. Oversight […]

Will I Be Able to Sell my Business on my Own?

You have worked hard and build a company. You have good employees and fill a need in your community. As rewarding as it can be, however, there comes a time where the prospect of selling you company comes to mind. Selling is a difficult decision and can be a very complicated process.  In addition to […]

Why Having a Will or Trust is Essential

Any Seattle estate planning attorney worth their salt advises their clients to have a will, living trust or other legal documents in place for that inevitable day. These documents and directives are designed to determine where your assets go, who can help with medical decisions if you are incapacitated, provide for you minor children and […]

Practical Small Business Risk Management Tactics

Starting a business is hard. Owning and remaining successful as a small business owner can be even harder. Business owners have to be multi-talented as they juggle myriad pressing issues that will ensure their business keeps going. One such pressing issue is the limiting of risk. Every business faces risk. Many businesses risk someone being […]

You’ve Been Sued. Here’s What You Should & Shouldn’t Do.

As a business owner, one of your top fears is that your product or service causes harm to someone else or another business owner. Unfortunately, it is often a cost of doing business. And if you discover your business is the defendant of a civil lawsuit, it is important you know what to do.  As […]