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Will I Need a Trust if I Already Have a Will?

Trusts and wills are two divergent estate planning mechanisms that are often also used in conjunction. This article includes some of the basic elements of a will and trust that everyone should understand. What is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?  Trusts and wills are both estate forecasting mechanisms that can help protect […]

Do I Need a Written Contract for a Home Improvement Project?

Home improvements can be incredibly stressful. Contractors are working in and out of your home. They’re loud, expensive, and often take longer than you’re expecting. Still, once they’re done, your home’s value has gone up and become more enjoyable to live in. Unfortunately, there are times when issues are going to come up, and the […]

What Are My Rights Under Ingress/Egress Easements?

Are you searching for attorneys in Seattle, Washington who understand all things easements? Look no further than Frey Buck P.S. We are professionals who have significant experience in real property issues.  What Are Ingress and Egress Easements?  What is an Easement?  According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, an easement is: “the grant of […]

How a Business Attorney Can Help with Your Retail Store

Retail business owners face many obstacles and challenges when running a retail establishment. You put a lot of work, effort, time, and money into making your dream of becoming a successful retail business owner a reality. Hiring Seattle business litigation attorneys provides protection to your business and your customers and helps you to avoid lawsuits.  […]

Self-Help Solutions for Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor disputes are often highly contentious and can end up in civil court; if you have an ongoing dispute with a neighbor there is reason to worry. Whether someone’s bitten by a dog, unable to sleep because of parties, or dealing with a property line dispute there are ways residents can help themselves during these […]

Confused About the Biden Plan on Estate Taxes? Get Help

While President Biden’s latest tax plan noted at the end of April 2021 dropped the estate tax expansion, which is a good thing for property owners, it did not alleviate overall tax exposures for upper brackets as well as capital gains tax levels. Both of these come into play for anyone incurring a sizable income  […]

Do I Need to Name an Executor in my Will?

A will executor, also known as a personal representative in Washington, is the individual you appoint to fulfill your expectations after you die. When you die with a clear legal will, the court will authorize the executor to carry out your wishes.  It is essential to choose an executor who is dependable and well-organized. Oversight […]