My Employee had COVID-19: What Do I Do?

While COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more and more available, and while many individuals in the US have been vaccinated, the coronavirus pandemic is still very prevalent. US health officials have said that it may take well into next year before life returns to normal, so it is crucial that businesses are still taking the necessary […]

Your Guide to LLCs vs. LLPs

Starting a new business is an opportunity of a lifetime. You have always believed in your skill and competence as a businessperson. Establishing your own company is something you have always wanted and are now ready to realize. You may think the market is ripe for your kind of business. However, you never know what […]

Risks You Should Probably Avoid for Your Business

Establishing a business is filled with challenges. You may have the knowledge, talent, and energy to make your company a success, but you must pay close attention to the risks involved. It is especially important to understand the legal risks associated with the type of company you want to run and the products and services […]

What Happens to Your Estate if You Become Incapacitated?

Imagine a situation where you are unable to carry out your normal activities because of incapacity.  You might be involved in an accident or suffered a stroke. This means you will need help to manage your affairs such as paying bills, managing your bank accounts, or handling your property.  As much as you would like […]

What is Reputation Management?

The reputation of your business is crucial to its growth as survival. The fact that we live in a world largely driven by technology means that your business is always at least potentially in the limelight. As such, managing your business reputation is fundamental.  But what is reputation management?  Corporate or business reputation is the […]

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? How an Attorney Can Help

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has been around for centuries as an alternative to litigation. Both individuals and courts embrace this type of dispute resolution. When disputing parties choose to settle their disputes without litigation, the preferred mechanism is known as ADR. Therefore if you are dealing with a dispute that qualifies for ADR, it is […]

Understand Contract Litigation

Businesses and individuals alike prefer conducting business engagements with contractual agreements in place. Agreements that meet the law of Contract provisions are binding; therefore, a breach can lead to the party in breach bearing liability. With the financial commitments that persons put into a business, a breach of contract can lead to significant losses. Our […]