Mark R. Conrad


Mark R. Conrad


Mark is an associate at Frey Buck and graduate from the University of Washington School of Law (2014).

Prior to joining the firm, Mark was a felony public defender in Snohomish County where he represented indigent clients at all stages in the criminal justice system. He is an aggressive and skillful trial attorney having conducted over 25 jury trials receiving favorable verdicts in many. He also prevented many of his client’s cases from reaching trial by successfully filing and arguing pretrial motions rooted in a variety of legal issues. Key to his success in the courtroom is his ability to passionately tell his client’s story and succinctly present legal issues to the court.

In 2018, Mark presented at the Washington Defender Association Annual Conference, Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel, and King County Department of Defense on stops, searches, and arrests based on informant’s tips.

Mark is a dual citizen with both USA and Dutch passports. He lives in Seattle with his wife and son. Outside of law, he enjoys playing voetbal (soccer), fishing, and riding motorcycles.

Professional Presentations:

Conrad, Mark. Stops, Searches, and Arrests based on information from Tipsters. 2018 Washington Defender Association Annual Conference. Winthrop, WA. April 27, 2018.

Conrad, Mark and Coburn, Lynda. Investigating Criminal Cases. Washington State Office of Public Defense Regional Public Defense Training. Everett, WA. November 14, 2014

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