Copyright Infringement Case Dos and Don’ts

copyright infringementTo understand the dos and don’ts of copyright infringement, you must have a clue of what it means. Copyright infringement is the production of copyrighted material without the consent of the owner. The majority of the industries affected by copyright infringement includes the music and movie industry. Below are some of the dos and don’ts related to copyright infringement cases.

• You can use public domain materials – this includes the documentation of the government and materials produced before 1977 when copyright law was introduced.
• Consider using facts and ideas – one can use facts and opinions on websites and articles. However, copyright law only covers how facts and ideas are expressed in terms of structure, form, and combination.
• It is not punishable to use materials not protected by copyright.

• Do not assume that you can use material since you cannot reach the owner.
• Giving credit to the copyright holder does not hold you unaccountable to copyright infringement. People think differently, and you can be sued through business attorneys in Seattle Washington. Do not assume materials are not protected by copyright just because it does not display a copyright message
• Using material commercially makes it easy for the holder to claim damages. However, even if you are not using it for commercial damages, it is still against the law if you have no consent from the author.

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