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neighbor disputes

Neighbor disputes are often highly contentious and can end up in civil court; if you have an ongoing dispute with a neighbor there is reason to worry. Whether someone’s bitten by a dog, unable to sleep because of parties, or dealing with a property line dispute there are ways residents can help themselves during these disputes.

Common Neighbor Disputes

The World Health Organization says environmental noise can cause sleep and cardiovascular issues. Common sense tells us that excessive noise can be highly irritating. Examples of neighborly noise pollution include loud dogs barking, residents shouting, loud music, lawn mowing, and screaming parties. Civil altercations can occur over noise disagreements and situations can escalate when work and academic performance suffer.

Residents overwhelmed by a neighbor’s noise should avoid aggressive confrontation. Neighbors can remind each other of the impact that noise has on their households. Since 1977, Seattle, for example, has had an ordinance meant to minimize citizens’ exposure to noise for many years. 

Poorly managed businesses produce noise pollution. Clubs, bars, late-night fast-food restaurants, and convenience stores may draw large crowds at once. If a bookstore or local furniture shop is having a sale, more people may be around, resulting in increased noise if guests aren’t respectful.

Trees can add flair to a yard. But branches and leaves cause shadows and pockets of light in neighboring homes, especially with certain tree types. Additionally, trees can be hazardous and the bugs they may bring can cause irritation and lead to a dispute. A tree can be considered a nuisance if it is contaminated or poses a risk to other trees

Pets are fun to be around. A beloved dog or cat may be as much a part of a family as any relative in the house. But pets without a responsible owner can escalate a minor nuisance into a major hassle. This includes disagreements surrounding pet waste, barking, and bites, which can send someone to a hospital.

Boundary line disputes are another common cause for conflict between neighbors. Even if only involving a few square feet, people can be very protective of their property and fight tooth and nail over it. Imprecise property line demarcation, gardens that overflow onto a neighboring property, driveways that spill over – all can lead to conflict.

Getting help without a property dispute lawyer WA

Boundaries bring order to volatile situations. All that’s needed is a leash and a chaperone to make sure pets stay close. Neighbors should accept that cleaning up means no exceptions. Anything involving injury or danger can be handled through a civil court. Like with all neighbor complaints, assertiveness can stop disputes from getting worse.

If you are experiencing a neighbor problem a respectful conversation with a neighbor can lead to accommodation without he need for police or legal intervention, and can help salvage the relationship. Remember, a neighbor dispute presents an ongoing opportunity to be uncomfortable in your own house! Good old fashioned respectful communication can provide each party a means of explaining what their concerns and considerations are without either the police or lawyers getting involved. Cooperating on fencing, a survey to confirm property lines, sharing tight space, etc.  can relieve a problem and help things stay civil. Be careful, however. If your neighbor is immediately hostile things can get out of control in a hurry. Under those circumstances it is better to withdraw and consider attorney or police help.

Resolving the conflict: Property dispute attorneys Seattle

If your effort to resolve a neighbor issue is unsuccessful, a property dispute attorney can often help quickly advance a solution. A property dispute lawyer can help you decide whether a resident has the right to pursue an action against an opposing neighbor, can write a letter explaining the legal ramifications, and can negotiate resolution with a neighbor or the neighbor’s attorney. Calling Seattle property dispute attorneys can help residents get the peace of mind they need and deserve. 

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