When You Need an Attorney for a Business Dispute

business disputeOur attorneys at Frey Buck are excellent professionals among Seattle business litigation attorneys. Business disputes are often a costly waste of time. It is important to get them resolved peacefully. Frey Buck wants to help you understand the keys to conflict resolution. This will help your business become a thriving and popular member of the marketplace.

Understand the Other Side
Understanding the other business’s point of view is important. They want to succeed just like you do. Conflict starts when both businesses are trying to achieve without consideration for each other. Think about clever ways to make peace with the opponent. Invite them to a coffee shop to chat about the issues in person. A face to face meeting can help immensely.

Communicate Honestly
Honestly admitting before the court about your situation is a legal requirement. Do not hide facts about your case. If there is something unflattering about how your company does business, do not hesitate to share it. This reputation for integrity will help you come out on top whenever your business is in a dispute.

Get a Neutral Third Party
Appointing a neutral third party to facilitate discussion is something that the court may handle. If not, consider getting a qualified attorney to help sift through the mess. Having someone with an outside perspective is wise. When there are issues with government regulations, an attorney can identify where a business may be falling short. The neutrality of the facilitator is important. Make sure that both parties agree to the person or organization that is appointed.

Avoid Entering a Highly Competitive Market
It might be wise to reconsider entering some markets. The quest to build a better mousetrap has to end somewhere. There is only so much you can do in a glutted market.

Seattle business litigation attorneys hold the secret to business dispute resolution. Contact Frey Buck today.