How a Business Attorney Can Help with Your Retail Store

retail businessRetail business owners face many obstacles and challenges when running a retail establishment. You put a lot of work, effort, time, and money into making your dream of becoming a successful retail business owner a reality. Hiring Seattle business litigation attorneys provides protection to your business and your customers and helps you to avoid lawsuits. 

Here are some of the many ways Seattle business attorneys can help and protect your business: 

Business Formation

In addition to all the other items that need developing and filing, Seattle business lawyers can help form your business. Creating a business includes helping you structure it and through the process of creating a separate legal entity, like a corporation or LLC. Having a lawyer help get your business set up gives you a solid foundation to grow while providing protection for your personal assets. 

Create Privacy Policies

Every business owner should be concerned about protecting their client, customer, and employee insurance. In addition, establishing a privacy policy is required in some states where businesses collect personally identifiable information from others. Personal information includes having a customer’s email address for a newsletter or collecting addresses to mail products, keeping payment information for customers/clients, and protecting customer information from outside sources. 

Deal with Collections

Retail businesses offering clients a line of credit, payment plans or post-purchase invoicing may run into situations where a customer stops paying or fails to pay. A business lawyer can aid in the collection of past due accounts. Additionally, an attorney can help file lawsuits if necessary, providing advice and representing you in court. 

Develop a Benefit Program

Small businesses that hire employees often need assistance in developing a benefits program for their employees. An attorney can help navigate laws regarding healthcare coverage for employees and ensure your business is complying with all laws and regulations. A business attorney can also help small business owners with getting their health insurance coverage. 

Establish Business Protocols

A business lawyer helps develop your retail establishment’s policies and procedures. The attorney also helps create contracts needed for hiring employees, working with suppliers, and other business-related reasons. Having everything set up for you helps reduce issues and lawsuits that can directly impact your business, employees, and customers. 

Handle Defamation

When a small business’s reputation is at risk, the business attorney can help handle defamation situations. The attorney can assist with removing false or defamatory information from the internet, write cease and desist letters, or bring an action on your behalf to protect you business’s reputation. 

Handle Disputes with Other Businesses

There are many situations where a Seattle commercial litigation attorney can help to deal with other businesses. A retail attorney can help deal with commercial disputes, contract issues, data breaches, and more. An attorney can help deal with other companies and help get you the correct information you need. Solutions may well come through negotiation rather than a lawsuit, and a commercial litigation attorney can help direct you to the most efficient resolution. 

Handle Liabilities

No matter how careful and safe your store is, accidents can occur.  It is best to be prepared for accidents. Being prepared makes the process of dealing with liability claims against you easier. Commercial litigation attorneys can help you assure you have proper insurance coverage, can assist you with lawsuits associated with accidents or employee negligence, and workers’ compensation. Additionally, a lawyer can help manage customer and employee disputes. 

Protect Intellectual Property

Retail businesses have many assets needing protection. An attorney can help you arrange the appropriate protections for copyright/trademark or patents offices to defend you against anyone stealing your intellectual property or copycatting your work. Additionally, an attorney can help sort out issues related to marketing and advertising your retail store, and help you create systems to protect your business’s trade secrets, like customer lists. 

Seattle business lawyers at Frey Buck can help you with your retail business needs. Their attorneys are experienced in helping with everything from establishing a business to handling liability claims. Call today to speak with an attorney and learn how they can help you with your retail business legal needs.