Understand Contract Litigation

Businesses and individuals alike prefer conducting business engagements with contractual agreements in place. Agreements that meet the law of Contract provisions are binding; therefore, a breach can lead to the party in breach bearing liability. With the financial commitments that persons put into a business, a breach of contract can lead to significant losses. Our Seattle business litigation attorneys from Frey Buck have significant experience dealing with breach of contract disputes no matter the complexities of the issues at hand. With the services of our commercial litigation attorneys, you can get legal assistance touching on various aspects of contracts e.g.employment contracts, property purchase agreements, lease agreements e.t.c 

Each clause of a valid contract is valid; therefore, in the event of a breach, our business litigation attorneys Seattle can analyse your contract and give further guidance on the available legal remedies in your case. 

Who can file a breach of contract case? 

Various parties can bring a lawsuit for a breach of a contract, whether as individuals or companies. As long as a contractual agreement exists between two parties, either party has a right to file a breach of contract case. Therefore, employees, tenants, service providers, unsatisfied customers e.t.c can claim their rights under a contract via a breach of contract lawsuit. Working closely with attorneys in Seattle Washington from the Frey Buck law firm will give you a chance to be represented by a team of seattle washington attorneys with great attention to detail and experience in contract law guaranteeing you a favourable outcome. 

What are the common types of contract disputes? 

Despite being generally governed by contract law, the provisions of each contract are different, making each dispute unique. Therefore upon breach, you should consult with a competent seattle commercial litigation attorney for an assessment of the contract and further protection of your rights. While most businesses and individuals alike strive to meet their contractual obligations, disputes might still arise from time to time. Here are some of the common types of contract disputes? 

  1. Employment contracts

Federal and state employment laws require that employers engage employees on contractual terms. Employment contracts address various issues ranging from hiring terms, service terms, termination terms, remuneration, compensation etc. Mostly employment disputes are instituted by an aggrieved employee. The dispute can be for wrongful termination, summary dismissal, unpaid wages, etc. To proof issues like wrongful termination, the employee will need to demonstrate through facts and evidence if at all, they intend to recover damages. 

  1. Buy-sell contracts 

Sell of businesses is a common practice and the same is often done via buy-sell contracts. Where a business has several owners, an agreement on how to share the proceeds of the sale can be challenging hence leading to disputes between former business owners. With the help with an attorney with experience in dealing with buy-sell contracts, you can get adequate legal representation throughout your case with the ultimate goal of helping you secure your rights. 

  1. Service contracts 

Service contract disputes arise from time to time more so where late payments are involved. For example, if a building owner contracts a cleaning company for a specific duration of time. The cleaning company has a duty to deliver quality services as agreed under contract and the building owner has a duty to pay as agreed. Where either party fails in their contractual obligation, then a contractual dispute might arise. 

What damages can be recovered from a contractual dispute? 

Specific performance 

A court or business tribunal can compel the party in breach of a contract to perform the specific act they failed to perform in the first instance. 

Compensation for losses incurred 

Financial losses form part of the damages that an aggrieved party can recover from a contractual dispute. 

Liquidated damages 

Not every contract has ascertainable damages; in such cases, courts award liquidated damages to the aggrieved party as compensation. 

Suppose you are dealing with a breach of contract case, book consultation with seattle business litigation attorneys for the analysis of your case before taking any step.